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Case Study: Coaching

The intensive coaching sessions have produced some really significant change as reported in the following examples:-

Marketing and Sales Manager - UK

“The time you spend is yours – you go at your pace and follow your agenda. It is a tiring and challenging time but so unbelievably rewarding and amazing. It is corny but it has changed my life – it was the best investment in me I have ever made and those three days will stay with me forever. I feel so privileged to have spent the time with my coach and for him to help me be me and love the person I am. It has changed my outlook on life; it has changed how I approach the relationships I have in my life and it has improved my confidence at work and therefore my performance.”

Marketing Director - Norway

“For me it was THE key step in getting out of a down period at work (and every day life as a consequence) and the lack of motivation and inspiration I was feeling at the time. It helped me start dealing with some personal suppressed feelings and emotions which also led to helping me deal with my daily life at work.

Getting away from your daily life to focus on yourself was key –you do need the space and time following the sessions to contemplate and reflect.”

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