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Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational Leadership

The Starfish Inspirational Leadership programme has been the foundation of our reputation for high quality, cost effective development which has a real impact on the business. Inspirational Leadership has now been delivered over 300 times in 15 different countries. The programme undergoes continuous improvement but it retains the basic principles of:-

having a simple but powerful core development process
benchmarking through 360º feedback
focusing on real issues
developing key leadership skills such as vision, coaching & feedback
being action oriented
6 having a partnership between internal and external tutors

The structure of Inspirational Leadership is based on the needs of the organisation but as a minimum is delivered in two workshops nine months apart or has been delivered in three workshops for some clients with an additional element focusing on coaching. This investment over an extended period means that the organisations see a real payback in terms of changed behaviour and bottom line results.

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