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High Performing Teams

High Performing Teams

Productive teamwork is essential to the success of an organisation. The truth of this has long been recognised in many organisations and in the last few years Starfish has worked with many teams to help them improve their performance.

We work with clients in partnership so that we see the final design of any intervention as a joint project owned by both parties. We take a systematic approach helping teams clearly understand their current situation and identify the key issues they face before establishing what they aspire to. The next step is to plan the strategic actions they need to identify to move from where they are to where they would like to be before planning how to implement them. In this way, by designing tailor made events to meet specific needs, we can help teams make step changes in their performance.

In our experience it is best to work with teams at different levels; at the organisational, group and individual level; at the level of task, process and feelings; and at the level of business strategy and personal behaviour. This inclusive approach ensures a longer-term impact on individual and organisational performance.

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