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Starfish is an international consultancy focusing on leadership development, coaching and team development. Our vision is to make a practical and visible difference to individuals, teams and organisations by helping them fulfil their potential. We achieve this by delivering high quality and cost effective learning and development which has resulted in our business growing exclusively by client referral.

The inspiration for our name came from a story which echoed our ambition to make a difference. Adapted from a story written by Loren Eisley.

As I ran along the beach, I saw, in the distance, a youngster throwing things into the sea. This intrigued me. What could require such concentration and industry?

Having seen this same scene for a few mornings I overcame my embarrassment and ran towards them.

As I approached I could see that it was a young person throwing stranded Starfish back into the sea. There were thousands of them, helpless on the sand. “What are you doing?” I asked. “It’s obvious” he replied, “I’m throwing them back in to the sea.” “But it’s hopeless” I ventured, “there are too many to make any difference.”

The youngster picked up another Starfish, looked at me knowingly, and returned it in to the sea. “Well, my friend, it made a difference to that one.”

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